3D Tomosynthesis Services for the Merrimack Valley

Lawrence General Hospital’s Women’s Imaging Service has adopted new digital breast imaging technology that results in better detection and fewer false alarms. It’s called 3D Tomosynthesis, and we are the first in the area to offer it. 3D Tomosynthesis is available at both the South Pavilion at Lawrence General Hospital and at Andover Medical Center.

3D Tomosynthesis:

  • Increases the detection of invasive breast cancers by 41% over traditional mammography
  • Increases detection of all breast cancers by 29%
  • Produces such high quality images, it also reduces by 15% the need to call women back in for additional imaging

Traditional two-dimensional mammography equipment is stationary as the x-ray source takes a picture through the breast. Digital breast tomosynthesis uses a moving x-ray arm that passes in an arc over the patient’s body. The technology gives doctors more confidence in reviewing images, particularly in younger women with more dense breast tissue, or in women with a lot of breast cysts or calcifications. Viewing the breast in three dimensions gives doctors more information to determine if a lesion is something benign like a cyst, or something that needs further treatment.

To schedule your appointment or to find out when you had your last mammogram, please call us at 978-946-8103.

The mammography units are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health – Radiation Control Program.