Evidence Informed Care

In the advancement of nursing practice at Lawrence General, teams of nurses work on special projects with accomplishments in research and care innovation.

Patient fall prevention: Christina Wolf RN, MS, CNL and William Ma, RN, BSN

Addiction and withdrawal protocols for more effective clinical management and alleviation of suffering: Amanda Souliotis RN, BSN

Eliminating restraint use: Denise White RN, MS DNP

Preventing hospital acquired infections: Karen Cozzens RN

Improving the effectiveness of pain management after surgery: Traci Milnes RN, BSN

Preventing skin injury: Tracey Dushame RN, BSN

Nurse leader rounding for impact: Denise White RN, MS, DNP

Creating exceptional patient experience: Karen O. Moore RN, MS, FACHE

Improving patient progression: Kim Moriarty  RN, BSN, MM

Creating shared governance: Michele Woonton, RN, BSN, MS



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