Outpatient Services

Ambulatory Care Center
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 8257

Cardiovascular Center
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 8399

Chest Clinic
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 8103

Endocrine Services
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 8057

Endoscopy Services
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 2630

Imaging and Radiology Center
Mammography (walk-in appointments available)
Bone Density
Ambient Experience “MRI”
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 8103

Infusion Services
Immunizations and injections
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 2179

Blood Draw
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 8105
* With locations available at LGH’s Main Campus, 25 Marston Street, and Doctor’s Park at 140 Haverhill St.

Maternal Child Health
Child Birth Education
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 2015

Nutrition Clinic
Counseling for diabetes, childhood and adult weight management, hypertension, celiac/gluten sensitivity and other food allergies
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 2584

Occupational Health
Employee health exams, assessment and treatment
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 2343

Outpatient Rehabilitative Services
Andover Medical Center
323 Lowell Street
Andover, MA 01810
Phone: 978-946-8362
Services: Outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy

Marston Medical Center
25 Marston Street, Suite 106
Lawrence, MA 01841
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 2061
Services: Outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy

Andover/North Andover YMCA
165 Haverhill St.
Andover, MA 01810
Phone: 978-946-8387
Services: Outpatient physical therapy

Pediatric After Hours Clinic
Emergency Center
To make an appointment:

  • Call your Pediatrician or on-call service for a referral.
  • The physician or on-call service will call us at 978-683-4000, ext. 8200
  • The Referral Center will call the patient back to arrange a same-day appointment

Sleep Center
Testing, diagnosing and treating sleep conditions
Phone: 978-946-8297
*Tuesday Sleep Clinic: 978-946-8306

Surgical Day Care
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 2430

Thyroid Biopsy Clinic
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 8103

Travel Clinic
Travel safety, immunization and disease prevention
Phone: 978-683-4000, ext. 2343

Weight Management & Bariatric Center
323 Lowell Street
Andover, MA
Phone: 978-946-8450