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We want to make sure your home test is stress free and convenient for you!

Remember to take all your regularly scheduled medications unless otherwise directed by your provider and do not consume alcohol or excessive caffeine on the day of the study.

For 24 hour technical support, please contact the sleep center at 978-946-8297.

Please return the device the following day! If you do not return the device to the hospital, we cannot retrieve information from it and we will not be able to provide results to you or your doctor.

About The Device

The Embletta MPR PG device performs level III home sleep tests. This means many parameters will be measured, such as breathing efforts, cardiac and oxygen data, and body position. One of the main differences between a home test and an in-lab test is the fact that the home test does not measure brain data, so no electrodes will be stuck to your head. With instruction from a sleep technician during pick-up, you should be able to connect the device by yourself before you go to bed for the night. It is very simple to do, and the unit will even turn on automatically!

After the study: You can obtain the results of your sleep study from the provider that ordered the test. You may be scheduled for a follow-up visit with a sleep specialist.

If you have any questions during your test, even in the middle of the night, please call the sleep center at 978-946-8297, or email