Speech Language Pathology Services

The Lawrence General Hospital’s Speech-Language Pathology Department evaluates and treats inpatients and outpatients with communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders. Our licensed speech-language pathologists have experience working with patients across the lifespan.

Speech-language therapy may be recommended for diagnosis and treatment for a number of reasons, including: delayed speech and language, unintelligible speech, loss of communicative or cognitive abilities, or difficulty with feeding and swallowing.

Inpatient Speech-Language Therapy

Inpatients may receive speech, language, cognitive and/or swallowing therapy during their stay in the hospital, typically at bedside. Speech-language therapy will be ordered by your physician during your hospital stay if necessary. In the Special Care Nursery, our Speech-Language Pathologists collaborate with Lawrence General Hospital’s neonatologists, as well as Floating Hospital for Children’s pediatric specialists, to support infants feeding/swallowing skills and educate parents on how to support their infants once discharged home. We will recommend further speech-language services upon discharge as needed.

Outpatient Speech-Language Therapy

Outpatient therapy is provided at our Regional Center for Rehabilitation Services, located at 25 Marston Street, Suite 106, Lawrence, MA – about a quarter of a mile away from I-495. A physician’s order is required for all treatment. Andover Medical Center is also home tho these services.

The clinic is open Monday – Friday and we offer flexible appointment times to accommodate patients. To make an appointment or inquire about outpatient speech-language therapy, please contact us at 978-683-4000, x.2061.